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CZARINA. The title of the empress of Russia.

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Despite her lofty position, or perhaps because of it, Tsarina Alexandra--the last of the Romanov queens--spends time comforting wounded soldiers in her private hospital.
Imagine yourself sitting at a table at the Winter Palace of Old Russia's tsars and tsarinas in St.
Well, what is a Soviet writer supposed to say about the work of a Tsarina (or a Russian about a foreigner; or a man about a woman)?
One of them is about Princess Sara, the daughter of Tsarina Elena and Tsar Kostadin Dejanovic, who, trying to escape the invading Ottomans, threw the keys of the Royal Tower and ran away with the bags of gold through the underground tunnels.
1916: Rasputin, Siberian mystic who was a favourite of the Tsar and Tsarina, was killed - after several failed attempts - by a group of conservatives led by Prince Yusupov.
1570), which is from the Armory of Maximilian Ludwig Graf Breuner, Feldmarschall of the Holy Roman Empire and later belonged to the Dukes von Ratibor at Schloss Grafeneff, at Peter Finer ; and a Carl Faberge Imperial gold and enamel magnifying glass purchased by Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna from Faberge and gifted to Tsarina's sister, Princess Irene of Prussia, at Wartski.
On the one side of this debate stands the Tsarina, with her reputed German sympathies; on the other men like Felix Yusupov, flamboyant businessman and nephew to the Tsar, and the Grand Duke Dimitri Romanov, who perhaps has ambitions to be Tsar himself.
It could belong to a Russian tsarina but this crystal and coral necklace is yours for PS30 at Dorothy Perkins (www.
Hoping that the girl possesses the same healing powers as her father, the Tsarina recruits Masha to nurse the heir to the throne, 14-year-old Alexei, who is confined to bed with hemophilia.
It dates back to the 16th Century reign of emperor Peter I and is an incredible display of wealth, including more than 50 Faberge eggs exchanged between tsar and tsarina at Easter.
Like Putin today, the tsarina of the Age of Enlightenment wanted to modernize Russia -- but only to the extent that doing so would help consolidate and extend her own arbitrary rule.
Medvedev visited the whole port of the Ufa Mosque, which was built in 1788 by the Russian Tsarina Katherine the Second, has been modernized in a short time ago.