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CZARINA. The title of the empress of Russia.

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Major organization : UMBAL TSARITSA YOANNA ISUL EAD (831605806)
38) On the notion of the tsaritsa as a defender of the faith, see Thyret, Between God and Tsar, 96-102.
After the successful operation on 3rdA of August, the team of Tsaritsa Yoanna University Hospital expects their next patients.
They describe the negotiations, as well as the Russian court and the individuals closest to the tsaritsa.
The last Tsaritsa of Russia, Alexandra Fyodorovna, was shot down in a cellar along with her husband and young children on the night of 16-17 August 1918.
His other works include the epic cycle of poems Epopeya na zabravenite (1881-84; "Epic of the Forgotten"); the novella Nemili-nedragi (1883; "Unloved and Unwanted"); the novels Nova zemya (1896; "New Land") and Kazalarskata tsaritsa (1903; "The Empress of Kazalar"); and the plays Khushove (1894), Borislav (1909), and Kum propast (1910; "Toward the Abyss").
Josef-Hospital, Bochum, GERMANY; 10MHAT Tsaritsa Ioanna, Sofia, BULGARIA; 11University Hospital Regensburg, Medical Clinic I, Regensburg, GERMANY; 12University Hospital Charite, Campus Virchow, Berlin, GERMANY; 13Colentina Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, ROMANIA; 144SC AG, Planegg-Martinsried, GERMANY
Contract notice: Delivery of cardiostimulators for umhat tsaritsa yoanna - isul ead
One high-rise area will be along Tsarigradsko Boulevard, the other on Tsaritsa Yoana Blvd.
When Tsaritsa Natal'ia Kirilovna [Peters mother] bore only daughters, the sovereign, Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich became enraged with her: if you do not give me a son, I will make you take the veil.
Most likely it is not only the Tsaritsa that has been moved out of the country, but we know about that one because of the entire affair," he said.
Particularly noteworthy, a 1 1/2 Rubles (10 Zloty) featuring a bust portrait of Czar Nicholas I on the obverse and Tsaritsa Alexandra Fedorovna on the reverse surrounded by the encircled heads of the Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses brought $109,250 in very competitive bidding.