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It's also worth inspecting your tulip bulbs before planting - any signs of black fungus around the neck means you should throw them in the bin as fungus can spread quite easily once in the soil.
For this reason it's great to have a few portable pots of tulips that can be tucked Sinto a border for the flowering period and then removed.
The tulips we grow have been bred over hundreds of years to give a broad and glamorous range of blooms.
Educated at the Al Ahliyya Amman University in Jordan, Khader has also assisted Golden Tulip with many pre-openings in Egypt and KSA.
They produce more than four billion tulip bulbs each year, half of them for cut flowers and a billion to sell as dry bulbs.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir TopbaE- said they planted around 30 million of tulips to various locations of Istanbul.
The current tulip field is about three acres, in the past, tulips covered the entire valley but have been wiped out by pesticides, and we are trying to stop this.
But those hybrids are softies compared to their wild ancestors -- species tulips growing in unforgiving sites from Algeria to China.
Since last one month, we are sowing tulip bulbs and working very hard.
Tulip Black Parrot - Tall and elegant with double, glossy dark purple blooms.
But now they prefer to visit the tulip garden and spend time watching the tulips in full bloom.