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Although considered a benign tumefaction, ALHE/HE has been associated with various lymphoproliferative conditions, supporting the contention made by some that ALHE/ EH, in some cases, may represent a monoclonal T-cell process.
Mycetomas persist for many years and classically present with a triad of tumefaction, draining sinus tracts, and "sulfur grains" that distinguish it from the dry, hyperkeratotic lesions of HLP.
Frequently, the tumor is asymptomatic, the tumefaction is painless or the maxilla expansion are commonly observed clinical manifestations (Neville et al.
Late in the play, when the colonel appears to have been mortally wounded in his duel with the captain, the surgeon enters with a mouthful of delightful jargon of the kind, though not the amplitude, spoken by Chapman's Pock: chilis, cava vena, oesophag, syncope, tumefaction, calaphena, opponax; 'the wound, I can assure you, inclines to paralism, and I find his body cacochymic (4.
MRI showed well-circumscribed tumefaction within HFP of heterogeneous, predominantly hypodense T1/T2 signal.
Mycetoma is characterized by the triad of tumefaction of affected tissue, multiple discharging sinuses, and the presence of oozing granules.
L'examen physique a indique la presence d'une varicocele gauche et d'une tumefaction medio-testiculaire droite dure, reguliere, ovalaire, indolore et non inflammatoire.