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Pronotum at most tumid behind head; clypeus anteriorly rounded, sometimes briefly truncate but not shallowly emarginated; pronotum frequently with sides broadly marked with brown, longitudinal central third or more dark brown to black, sometimes with cupreous reflections .
It becomes grander, sometimes wilder, sometimes more swelling, even tumid.
Clearly SCLE and tumid LE are the most photosensitive subsets.
Aside from the tumid sense of self-importance that the Caspian oil bestows upon them, their objective is entirely pragmatic: the more foreign investment--the easier to perpetuate autocratic rule and keep popular discontent at bay with tales of an oil-boom prosperity lying ahead, not to mention the Western slush funds and kickbacks for the ruling elite, which do not even enter the Caspian countries and are directly deposited in leaders' personal bank accounts abroad.
Denis's superb cinematographer Agnes Godard, responsible for the ravishing images of Beau Travail (1999), here trains her camera on landscapes of flayed flesh, on Dalle's tumid lips and hungry tongue aswim in crimson, and on walls artfully spattered with blood.
While the Bannatyne Club published the catalogue of Scott's library under the less tumid title Catalogue of the Library of Abbotsford (1838), Scott's identification of his antiquarian life with his literary fabrication suggests more than a playful in-joke for this possible self-image.
Only a flicker Over the strained time-ridden faces Distracted from distraction by distraction Filled with fancies and empty of meaning Tumid apathy with no concentration.