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tumidus will also inhabit locations with a slow current, whereas the other mussel species are typical of plant-rich, warm water with a muddy bottom, which suggests that they were collected from the lake margins, rather than the river; mesotrophic lakes in this area typically have muddy bottoms.
Glutathione reductase, selenium-dependent glutathione peroxidase, glutathione levels, and lipid peroxidation in freshwater bivalves, Unio tumidus, as biomarkers of aquatic contamination in field studies.
10) who praised tumidus Antimachus over Cinna are akin to the citizens of his play, who literalize their judgments of Cinna's poetry by tearing his body to pieces.
In contrast to these observations from Finland, the shells used as temper in Narva Pottery on the northern shore of Estonia are fresh-water clams, namely Unio tumidus (Engl.
The distribution and biomass of Unionidae (MoP lusca, Bivalvia), and the production of Unio tumidus Retzius in Lake Balaton (Hungary).
Ecce quondam tumidus, iam substratus sanctorum pedibus seruit Oceanus; eiusque barbaros motus, quos terreni principes edomare ferro nequiuerant, hos pro diuina formidine sacerdotum ora simplicibus uerbis ligant; et qui cateruas pugnantium infidelis nequaquam metuerat, iam nunc fidelis humilium linguas timet.
The following adverse events lead to discontinuation: One case of tuberculosis (TB), one case of transient allergic granulomatosis of the lung, three cases of transient symmetric polyarthritis who developed antinuclear, but not anti-DNA, antibodies and one case of lupus tumidus, leucopenia, elevation of liver enzymes and herpes roster.
The remaining ticks were attached to two goats (n = 3), a rodent of the species Scapteromys tumidus (n = 4), and three dogs (n = 30; 19 of them were engorged).