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The Jew released his hold, and they rushed tumultuously from the room.
Boats were putting off, torches were lighting up, people were rushing tumultuously to the water's edge.
This song was tumultuously applauded--for friends and dependents make a capital audience--and the poor relations, especially, were in perfect ecstasies of rapture.
Greece's second international bailout programme ended tumultuously with the Troika (EU Commission, ECB and IMF) refusing to disburse the bailout's final instalments, Greece delaying two payments to the IMF and Greece on the verge of an exit from European monetary union.
Arguably the most dramatic of these is an extreme, high-angle long shot from what might be described as the perspective of the tumultuously rising ground (as the tectonic plates shift and become dramatically displaced), as cars, trees, houses and everyday objects are shunted into chaos.
section] 12- (a) When three (3) or more 11-103 (2009) persons shall be riotously, unlawfully, or tumultuously assembled, it shall be the duty of any judge, justice of the peace, county sheriff, county coroner, or constable .
Musical delights on offer took the shape of singing solos, choral groups, flute choirs, recorder groups, individual recitals as well as the ever growing whole school orchestra tumultuously playing Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On.
Sitting across the table from Lance Ryan in Lemoncii bistro in Bayreuth, a favorite restaurant with the right fare for this vegan Wagner tenor, you'd never have guessed he's playing a principal role in what was arguably by this mid-August day already the most tumultuously controversial production of the composer's bicentennial anni-versary.
The Riot Act said that if 12 or more people gathered "illegally, riotously, and tumultuously," a magistrate could command them to break up--or else face punishment--just by reading the opening words of the Riot Act.
s meeting of shareholders started off tumultuously Wednesday morning, with individual shareholders interrupting proceedings and its largest stockholder coming to the fore to press the utility to reform itself following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster.
Soon after, I fell madly in love with one of my young [male] comrades; I never expressed my desires, but I constructed a large part of my political life upon this schizoid condition, tumultuously.
Murphy has remained among the most visible and outspoken Arkansas Heart Hospital advocates during its tumultuously competitive first decade of operation.