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Opnext will demonstrate its Tunable TOSA during the OFC/NFOEC Conference and Exposition at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
The tunable SFP+ transceiver is an important transceiver module for next generation enterprise, metro and regional optical network equipment continuing the replacement of fixed-wavelength modules and of non-pluggable ports.
Designed for long reach DWDM applications, Civcom's new RZ transponder contains both a 10Gbps widely tunable transmitter and a wide band receiver.
Rising Competition Pulls Down Tunable Laser Prices 15
The OIF has played a pivotal role in the standardization of tunable lasers in the telecom industry with the ITLA and ITTA multi-source agreements," said Raj Batra, of Emcore and the OIF's Software Working Group chair.
Oclaro has established a leadership position in the tunable laser market by offering the broadest product portfolio and has continued to raise the bar on performance, reliability and increasingly small form factors," said Jim Haynes, President and General Manager of Oclaro's Photonic Components Business Unit.
Paratek is now shipping low loss, high performance tunable band pass filter evaluation kits based upon Paratek's tunable RF technology.
Nasdaq: OCLR), a tier-one provider of innovative optical communications and laser solutions, today announced that it will be demonstrating its new TL8800 full-band Tunable XFP transceiver at the 36th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication (ECOC) on September 19-23 in Turin, Italy.
The new product, set for commercial availability in the first half of 2008, will combine the company's leading indium phosphide (InP) DS-DBR tunable laser and Mach-Zehnder modulator with a high performance APD receiver in a pluggable Super X2 format.
These advantages will allow our next-generation tunable wireless products to replace conventional, fixed-frequency RF circuits and provide high reliability, low insertion loss, and wide tuning ranges.
a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced photonic components and subsystems, today announced a family of Tunable Filter products.

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