tune down

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Just like everyone else they may be feeling frazzled and just need to let their shoulders come down, their temper tune down, and to take life and themselves a whole lot less seriously.
That could be the secret new anthem for anyone who likes to whistle a tune down at West Midlands Police.
YOBS with souped-up cars could soon be forced to tune down their engines.
In the beginning, the neighbors put their earplugs in but as the boys got the speed and tune down, they developed a following.
Arrangements like this bring subtle new insights to the songs, but too often Freelon takes the same tack, slowing a fast tune down, and it's getting a little predictable by the end.
Still, you can't keep a good tune down, and scuzzy garage rockers like Electricity and Come Together - bolstered by a spectacular light show - go down a storm.
Then there was the fact that, when the very best in the world were up for grabs, the Spaniards and Italians called the tune down to the very last peseta or lira.
Satiated spiders tune down the sensitivity so webs vibrate only for a big prize.
And that, to anyone used to the disgraceful whistling and cat-calling that accompanies the opposition's tune down in London, was music to the ears.
of the stock market, did tune down their bullish views and
The important is to tune down the sectarian rhetoric for the sake of stability, security, and calm.