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Some 60 marks go to memorisation while 35 marks will be given to Tajweed or recitation, and five marks for tuneful voice and good performance.
TUNEFUL Among Eve''s Army at the Hoppings to help Eve Anderson were, from left, Robyn Marley, Harvey Dougall, Joseph Smart, Michale Smart and Olivia Carrick EVE'S ARMY Children perform the Song for Eve at the Hoppings on Newcastle Town Moor
What has happened to the grace and elegance with which the show opened and enabled Ireland to win so many contests with their tuneful melodies?
All Worked Out featured a fierce refrain from Burton and with hazy, tuneful backing vocals, was the stand out tune.
Now Marla Lewis has newly released We All Laugh In The Same Language, a CD album featuring twelve of her original songs in a tuneful celebration of diversity, curiosity, friendship, and the love of learning.
Colin, a woodwork teacher turned craftsman and pipemaker says his favourite Northumbrian variety are smaller, much quieter and, crucially, much more tuneful than the Scottish instrument.
Celebrate music and fine arts with Hey, Picasso, a new CD from ROUNDER RECORDS that provides a tuneful celebration of favorite works of art, using sound to bring paintings to life.
The result is soulful, tuneful, and barely too slick by half.
To some it is the most irritating noise on earth but to others, a tuneful whistle hits all the right notes.
Well over half of the tracks are solo acoustic numbers, and it is nothing short of unbelievable that music which is so tuneful, virtuosic, involved, and contagious comes from one man in one take.
I think young students will enjoy the fun rhythms, tuneful melodies and the influence of jazz harmonies.