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After 1995, she seemed to regain her tunefulness, and while her lyrics never sounded as complex or relevant as those on Blue or For the Roses, these later albums had become lifesavers for me as I drove home late at night in Los Angeles.
Effectively this meant the peal had lost its tunefulness and was discordant.
Obviously, it hasn't the spectacle of Aida, the tunefulness of Rigoletto, Traviata or Trovatore, or the biting intensity of Otello, and any production falls a little short in my mind.
The tunefulness, words, rhythm, and technical stuff aren't nearly as important as the presentation.
MOJO Magazine gushed: "The Cribs triumphOthey sound loud, vivid and dynamic, like a rock 'n' roll band should, grasping for big moments, dramatic crescendos and grand tunefulness.
The musical remains quite short (less than two hours, including intermission), but Tuesday's show was still a dream evening of tunefulness, playfulness and laughter.
Released as punk broke, 1976's Blue For You captures their rock solid tunefulness and tender varieties.
However, the intricate rhythmic structures quickly compensated for a lack of tunefulness and the musicians delivered precise, clean execution of interwoven rhythms.
In L'entretiens des musiciens he observed "we must acknowledge that if musicians of the South have more tunefulness (air) in their music, those of Paris have more art in theirs.
The production's musical director David Steadman has coaxed impressive vocal power from his mostly-male chorus, while Jennifer Potts proves an engaging, sweet-toned Narrator, and this week's 'Joseph choir' of young singers from the Performers Theatre School are impressive in their tunefulness, tone, timing and clarity.
His singing may not match the talented main players for range, gusto and tunefulness but these rough edges just lodge him further into this comic performance.