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The tuneless, deafening plastic trumpet blown by fans has become a top newsmaker and accessory at South Africa's World Cup, making global inroads as it is snapped up abroad.
I'd rather have Lady Gaga kicking against the system as a role model for my daughter than the anodyne, self-serving, tuneless mush of the X Factor generation as peddled by Cheryl 'People's Princess' Cole.
Other more tuneless wonders in the capital face endless salad days of a more literal kind though; an eternal diet of rotten tomatoes, cucumbers and spuds.
These three contestants are so tuneless, humourless and feckless they made a mockery of the show.
Keep finches and canaries in metal cages and you get listless, tuneless birds with equally dull brain tissue.
While generally tuneless and overly reliant on lifeless electronics, the quartet does manage to work up some steam in ``Attack'' and ``Holy Mountains.
THE best drum/flute/clarinet trio I've ever heard, Death Sentence:Panda produce a wild punk sound which is completely tuneless but sounds good all the same.
Alfred Schnittke's Canon - in memory of Stravinsky demonstrates a far less rigid use of counterpoint than Stravinsky himself, resulting in six minutes of quiet emotion and ethereal, if tuneless, beauty - a fitting and affectionate tribute.
He'd whistle those same tuneless eight bars and go his own way.
You stagger between moments accompanied by tuneless instruments.
Estampa Fina showcases the tuneless music of the Americas in an uncommonly successful and wholly enjoyable way.
Cheers and chants are often tuneless, making them easy to lead and to learn.