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It's a computerised microphone that corrects your voice as you sing into it - no matter how cracked or tunelessly - delivering notes m perfect harmony.
Wolfboy is a regular, howling tunelessly along with his Walkman while snarling at the driver and biting chunks out of whoever is stood near him.
Swaying away with their arms out-stretched and their backs to the stage they hummed tunelessly to Jolson's greatest hits.
Hunting Bears is a two minute filler where Yorke noodles tunelessly on a cheap guitar.
As Cacciato and Berlin relax and chew their gum, Cacciato begins whistling tunelessly.
Finding few takers, he lay on his side at the floe edge, singing tunelessly and scratching his foot on the ice, trying to mimic the sound mother seals make to summon their young.
My formative years were spent idolizing a man with a mullet - while tunelessly singing: "It's a real crazy show where anything can go/It's a quiz, it's a race, it's a real wacky place.
What is one doing when one hums tunelessly to oneself?
From tunelessly bashing on the guitar as a baby, or playing the violin or flute in the school orchestra, to having a boogie at the disco, it's always been there - lifting, calming, and comforting.
At college practically the first thing I did was join the folk club, which seemed to involve a lot of drinking and singing raucously and tunelessly, with a bit of guitar-twanging, harmonica-blowing and bodhran-rattling thrown in.
Instead of the man who wrote, amongst too many masterpieces to mention in full, the Enigma Variations and Dream of Gerontius (or, if you prefer, the music to which 'Land of Hope and Glory' is tunelessly chanted), we got Adam Smith, the Scottish economist who wrote 'An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations'.
Geri Halliwell was spotted whistling tunelessly and surreptitiously sidling away.