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Instead of the man who wrote, amongst too many masterpieces to mention in full, the Enigma Variations and Dream of Gerontius (or, if you prefer, the music to which 'Land of Hope and Glory' is tunelessly chanted), we got Adam Smith, the Scottish economist who wrote 'An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations'.
Geri Halliwell was spotted whistling tunelessly and surreptitiously sidling away.
Thursday morning, not two minutes into the first bus commute on the first day of the month, a guy sitting on the other side of the aisle one row back started whistling tunelessly.
Obviously, at this stage of the band's evolution, all eyes were cast mistily backwards, several nearby audience members tunelessly humming the words to their favourite songs.
When kick-off nears, the Dutch fans all around us begin to wail tunelessly on their vuvuzelas.
TREADING the boards for a Christmas performance forms an integral part of many of our childhood memories, whether beaming with pride as a tinsel-haloed Angel in the Sunday School extravaganza, or belting tunelessly along with the school choir in front of an audience of appreciative parents.
And - stumbling tunelessly through his own latest release - wildeyed Robbie Williams provided the comedy.
IN the bleak mid-winter," the hoodied posse mumbled tunelessly as they huddled around the front door of Dempsey Towers.
Like the luxury cruise liner Aurora, Liverpool were also marooned in Southampton, going round in expensive circles while the band played tunelessly on.
Europe's finest walked into the Press room, offered an almost platitudinous "I played well, didn't miss a green," whistled tunelessly and asked, briskly: "Right, what shall we talk about?