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Table 3: Global Tuning Fork Level Sensors Market (2008 & 2009): Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales by End-Use Segment for Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Paper & Pulp, and Others.
A clinical neurotologic examination yielded a few positive findings, including diplacusis with the 2-kHz tuning fork and difficulty performing the sharpened tandem Romberg's test.
Each pendant contains a resonating cell, tuning board and copper coil and is meant to be like a tuning fork, working with the body.
The patented harmonic scan element is similar in principal to a tuning fork.
After doing so, the rogue chambers can be calibrated - much as a musician uses a tuning fork to adjust an instrument to the correct pitch.
Tuning Fork, formerly with Henry Cecil, bids to rekindle the spark that saw him finish runner-up in the Dante.
Neurotologic examination revealed that she had a hypersensitivity to the sound emitted by a low-frequency tuning fork in the right ear, and she exhibited difficulty performing the sharpened tandem Romberg's test.
Developed at Draper Laboratory and utilizing Draper's own MEMS Tuning Fork Gyro package, this flight validation represents a major leap forward in navigation sensors and MEMS technology for space applications.
Tuning Fork had Songlark back in fourth when beaten only half a length by Magistretti in the Dante and both colts return after breaks.
Schapowal: I teach the GPs I work with how to irrigate, how to use the otoscope, and how to use the tuning fork.
Such as Electric time markers 100/sec, Tuning fork, Volume recorder, Mary s Tambour, Smoking outfit with fume cupboard, Varnishing outfit, Anaesthesia boxes, Surgical instruments, Demonstrations eye piece, Double Demonstration eye piece, Van Slyko s apparatus manometric, Douglas bag, Erogograph mosse s, Knee Hammer, Bicycle ergometer, Tuning forks to test hearing 32-10,000 cps(sets), Instrument Trolley, Stop watches, Electronic
The new tuning fork ages only +/-3 ppm in the first year, and features a termination finish of gold over nickel.