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Serious surfers choose Tunnel Vision for their surfing hardware such as surfboards, wetsuits and bodyboards,' said Jim Driscoll, chairman of Galleon and co-creator of The Cornish Riviera Pasties.
Tunnel Vision runs from July 10-12 and tickets cost pounds 4.
I've got tunnel vision and what Polo says just means I want to stop him even earlier and he is going to pay for what he said.
Christopher Bullock IAM chief executive, said: 'Even if a driver can pass the standard daytime number plate test, that is no use at all as a check on night blindness, tunnel vision or depth perception.
It can also cause a person to bump into walls or "ignore" a familiar face because of vision deficits such as tunnel vision or hemianopia (blindness in one half of the vision field).
Is it any wonder the country is in a mess with a Government that has tunnel vision and very limited capability to address core issues that affect us all?
The report, entitled Tunnel Vision, revealed widespread ignorance of the condition among the people of Liverpool.
Alan Thompson - a real head banger, Sutton of Harlem Globetrotters fame, tunnel vision Balde both on and off the park, Camara visioned for his violent moments and finally Lennon, who behaved deplorably and even spat on a Rangers scarf.
After four hours they stormed the address in Gosforth, Newcastle, and shot the 54-year-old, who had tunnel vision.
Such shock tactics, he said, certainly reinforce the good judgment of the latter, but do little to infiltrate the tunnel vision of the former.
The Smart-Clip(TM) ALLVIEW(TM) Mirror, helps the disabled and everyday driver alike eliminate blind spots while offsetting distortion, reduce glare for safer night driving, solve tunnel vision and distortion.
Moreover to actually use taxpayers' money to pay an extraordinary and obscene PS67 million on agency staff over the past two years defies all logic and, depending on one's viewpoint, it's a shocking admission and indictment that the city mandarins can't recruit from within or utilise those who were made redundant, so clearly their recruitment department must be suffering from tunnel vision, overlooking the long term objective for short term success without applying lateral thinking.