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Of these - the 20 tons shearer for thin-bed mining and 40 tons tunneler, which has reached record speeds of cutting in Ukraine of 707 meters per month.
The magazine recognized Monsees for his extensive contributions to the tunneling industry, both in technical accomplishment and as an inspiration to future tunnelers.
some tunnelers do indeed take advantage of them, then why aren't
Palestinian medical officials found the bodies of two tunnelers on Sept 5.
Highlighting the risks faced by the tunnelers, Israeli warplanes carried out two strikes along the border with Egypt on Thursday, wounding three workers, medical workers said.
Among Australians and Americans, sharply higher death rates were reported for civilian miners (6,25) and military tunnelers (G.
Brickhill, himself a Stalag Luft III inmate and participant in the effort, provides many engrossing details about the planning, organizational discipline, physical bravery, and intense labor of the Allied tunnelers, forgers, tailors, and lookouts.