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Not only was the bike 46-yearold Guzman's getaway vehicle, it was used by the tunnellers to pull mini skips filled with soil through the tunnel.
Meanwhile, tunneller Robert Ker-Ramsey and Canadian forgery chief Tony Pengelly made last-minute adjustments underground--covering the trolley tracks with fresh blankets to muffle the sound, installing new tow ropes (passed through the main gate by the Vorlager on the premise they would be used for a North Compound boxing ring) on the trolleys, and installing light bulbs (taken from the huts) in every socket available along the full length of "Harry.
Army ocials recruited large numbers of tunnellers from this area due to the fact the clay in the area was similar to that in France and many had worked extending sewers in Manchester.
Paul explained: "Because the underground bomb the British tunnellers were planting was abandoned, it's still down there.
But I talk to tunnellers who love being up to their armpits in muck, and they say it is not as bad as other places they have worked.
Taliban tunnellers went 120 metres below before driving out of the compound in trucks without a shot being fired, The Guardian reports.
Egypt's policy towards Gaza was the focus of heavy criticism from many in Egypt, particularly in the last year when Mubarak's government began building an underground barrier to thwart tunnellers who were supplying goods to Gaza underground.
Merchants and tunnellers said that the pace of smuggling of fuel and other materials had decreased in recent days and had reached its lowest level Saturday
Highlighting the risks faced by the tunnellers, Israeli warplanes carried out two strikes along the border with Egypt on Thursday, wounding three workers, medical workers said.
Israeli warplanes attack two smuggling tunnels along the Gaza Strip border with Egypt, wounding three tunnellers.
An Israeli army spokeswoman said the attack, which wounded three tunnellers, was in response to a rocket fired by Gaza militants into southern Israel late on Tuesday.