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Impia tortorum longos hic turba furores Sanguinis innocui, non satiata, aluit.
Meanwhile, a Houthi official said rebels are currently trying to access Taiz through the southeastern abandoned town of Turba.
But this year, everyone has been affected by the conflict -- there is no distinction between the poor and the rich," said Um Osama, a widow living with her six children in Al Turba, in Taiz, a city about 70 miles from Aden in the west of the country.
Qatif, Rabi'I 23, 1436, Jan 14, 2015, SPA -- The Ministry of Interior said in a statement issued today that Rakan bin Eid bin Bikheet Al-Baqmi (Saudi nationality) was executed in Turba Governorate in Makkah region today because he has chased a security patrol and fired it with a number of shots from machine gun, resulted in martyrdom of the soldier / Sultan bin Ibrahim bin Ghrahid Al-Jaid after the patrol tried to arrest him for his involvement in an ex criminal case, when assaulting security men.
In addition, the company also erected new sub-stations in Al Raheda, Al Habilayn, Al Turba, Al Dhal'a and Nobat Dukaim for rendering electrical energy.
That grim moment came at Rainton Meadows in September of 2010 against Richard Turba, following quickly on another setback in the same ring when his bout with Tyrone Wright had to be stopped due to a bad eye injury.
It was a sense of perspective he earned the hard way, against Richard Turba in September 2010.
Selisoo ja umbruse reljeefianaluusil kasutasime LiDAR-andmete pohist korgusmudelit, turba paksuse kaardistasime georadariga ning pinnakatte puurimisega.
Contra los dos carbunclos con que mira --perezosa la pluma, grave el alael ascalafo tardo, se conspira turba de cuervas que a la noche iguala, o envidia mueve o precipita ira a cuanto pico en ellos se acicala de aquestas que en sus luces son hermosas mayores de la noche mariposas.
Researchers have suggested that school counselors can use websites to advocate for students by linking them to resources that encourage college access and that help them overcome barriers to success (Stone & Turba, 1999).
Turba Health - Web interface that allows patients suffering from asthma to obtain a diagnosis and monitor their condition remotely
His enim hoc accidit, qui vel voluptate aliqua compediti carcerem suum amant, vel vulgi commercio et vulgari negotio victum querunt, vel ad lubricos honorum gradus populorum ventosis suffragiis aspirant, et quibus (que ingens his temporibus turba est) litere non animi lux atque oblectatio vite sunt, sed instrumenta divitiarum" (Petrarca, De vita solitaria 330).