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The field observations indicated areas of significantly disturbed surface soils (at some locations up to 1 m), now a heterogeneously mixed medium composed of the original topsoil blended with very fine beach sands, silts and organic sediments transported by the waves and construction materials (debris) turbulently mixed in situ.
steadfast, dutiful, an unchanging figurehead in a turbulently changing world.
Magnificently executed onevery level and shot through with turbulently pristine classical pieces, there's a vague hint of release in the final seconds but if it's a relentless and exhaustingly grim exploration of self-destructive eroticism and madness you're after, this will tickle your ivories.
Stock markets, while trading turbulently, are at levels broadly similar to where they were before the attacks on the Twin Towers and the dollar has traded soundly on the foreign exchanges.
Henriksen provides a brilliant portrait of a post-war America where there was an undercurrent of dissatisfaction and restlessness which roiled turbulently now and then to the surface.
And perhaps more troubling still, Madison's analysis of the likely sources of constitutional disequilibrium illustrates his belief that the people themselves would be the most likely sources of the disputes that would require regulation--because, after all, it was the popularly elected lower House in which the "impetuous vortex" of legislative power would swirl most turbulently.
And in sleep Julio's turbulently confused mind (mente confusa) seems to see a sequence of images that terrify him, and make base his soul.
In one that he dedicated to his fiancee, he wrote turbulently that, "Ich sturme ohne Rast.
The material has thereby to be elongationally stretched in the narrow gaps between the lands and turbulently mixed in the grooves.
The first movement is sweetly intimate, with a brief, turbulently expressive middle section, and includes some exquisitely Schubertian harmonic surprises.
Odor is a very complex signal, especially since water tends to flow turbulently, forming eddies and trails.
This book with its simplicity and practicality has no rival for learning the science and turbulently advancing discipline of classification.