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Therefore, osmotic regulation in response to water shortage to maintain the seedling is useful during slow growth and accumulation of these substances in cell cytoplasm results in high turgidity and active enzymes and makes it possible for the plant to continue its physiological activities.
Potato slices and lettuce leaves placed in saline or distilled water allow students to observe the phenomenon and note resulting variations in turgidity.
1) In Epstein's report of 3 cases, one patient's varix was observed to increase in turgidity and dilation with the patient straining (cough and deep breathing) under direct intraoperative observation by the neurosurgeon.
This time--and I say this with great respect--he has outdone himself in density, even in turgidity.
It possesses] all the features of the baroque: the turgidity, theatricality, the paradoxical exaggeration aimed at capturing attention and to stirring up maraviglia" (331).
In contrast to the turgidity of much contemporary philosophical writing, Sandel's prose is positively crystalline.
This created the paradoxical effect of a dappled, whipped-up, frenzied turgidity.
In keeping with the turgidity of an encounter crammed with ping-pong kicking, next to no genuine Wales try-scoring chances and a breakdown area that made the Keystone Cops look organised, the atmosphere was for the most part, flat, save for the frantic finish in and around Alun Wyn Jones' interception dash.
At times, though, one has to overcome the turgidity and circularity of the author's formulaic writing style in order to get to the substance of the discussion.
Although the narrative suffers at points from mild turgidity and overindulgence in references to historical colleagues, which is not enabled by an adequate subject reference index, this foray into Muggletonianism is a must-read for several reasons.
During water stress periods, the stomatal aperture was shrunken more because of the severe loss in turgidity and leaf temperature.