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He believes in romance--the romance of faraway and exotic places, romantically described in turgidly romantic prose (17)--as well as the romance of mutually fulfilling love.
That Australia, like it's cousin, John Howard's Australia, never existed except as an advertising jingle, and it will never be revived except as a kind of theme-park nationalism with its painfully gauche symbolism wrapped around its turgidly corrupt shoulders.
The strictly orthodox ones, like Maurice Lamm's The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning, [2] proved to be of great practical use, but were mechanically conceived and turgidly written--besides which they often made one wonder whether the author ever conceived of the possibility that women die too.
Readers should not be put off by some rather irritating and numerous editorial lapses, nor by Hanchard's turgidly academic style, which tends to depoliticize what actually is a very political book.
Kudelka's Terra Firma (to Torke) proceeds authoritatively, if somewhat turgidly, by way of repeated stubbed-toe pacings, toward its climactic third section.