turn away from

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In the communique issued from their 2000 meeting in Portugal, the primates of the Anglican Communion said: "We are conscious that we all stand together at the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ, so we know that to turn away from each other would be to turn away from the Cross.
3 : to turn away from <Do not depart from your chosen path.
She sparked a wave of anger by speaking on radio saying therapy can help gay people turn away from their lifestyle.
But, praise God, when men and women come to realise the enormity of their sins against Him, turn away from them, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to save them, then, and only then, does He and the Cross become precious.
Sometimes an actor is handicapped by a director who will allow him to turn away from the camera and then come up with the emotion,'' Howard says.
As Americans turned away from the Vietnam War, they may turn away from this one"
No, now is a time to turn away from the injustices of old and to begin to bear good fruit.