turn informer

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2million reward hoping one of his mob will turn informer.
They have offered the reward in the hope that one of his men will turn informer.
BANISHED BBC2, 9pm Tommy is not alone in thinking James must have been persuaded by the authorities to turn informer to save his neck, with convict agitator Spragg branding him a traitor who must die.
When he returned to the UK, Zuybyr said that Adebolajo complained of being repeatedly harassed by MI5 to turn informer for them, and that other members of the family were also pressurised.
Clive said he wasn't particularly looking for a project when he was approached to play the role of MI5 officer Mac, who convinces a terrorist to turn informer.
McDowall insists he had to turn informer because Stevenson believed he was behind the operation being busted and had taken out a pounds 10,000 contract on his life.
Whitey - the leader of Boston's feared Winter Hill Gang - carried out the ruthless killings after his FBI pal John Connolly warned him Halloran was about to turn informer.
Tony, who has already shared a tip on a couple of Muslims with the feds, would turn informer and disappear into the witness protection program.
And supporters are being urged to turn informer and text police with the stand, row and seat number of anyone causing trouble.
Customs and Excise chiefs in Northern Ireland yesterday pledged to crack down on cross-border and international smugglers and bootleggers and called on the public to turn informer.
For entertainers accused of subversive activities in those tragicomical years, the rules were unwritten but universally understood: One refused to answer questions and one was blacklisted; or one cooperated and was forced to turn informer.