turn of the tide

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Margaret Skea's fascination with 16th Century history led to her debut novel, Turn of the Tide, which won the Historical Fiction prize in the 2011 HarperCollins/Alan Titchmarsh People's Novelist Competition.
So because Dubai residents have been at the mercy of some of the worst landlords and excruciatingly exorbitant rents for more than a decade, the turn of the tide suits Kipp very well indeed.
Turn of the Tide, Liverpool Sounding and Rates for the Job reveal a Liverpool still at the height of its industrial dominance, while its cultural and artistic richness began reaching worldwide audiences.
They are featured with three colour films shot for the council, Turn of the Tide, Liverpool Sounding and Rates for the Job, from the mid-1960s.
Those who have never experienced it will be surprised at the speed of a rising tide and an important point to remember is that the fastest tide flow occurs three to four hours after the turn of the tide - usually about the time that the wildfowler comes into contact with it.