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Matulik, who made his 250th Superleague appearance in the 7-2 defeat by Belfast Giants at the Odyssey Arena on Thursday, revealed: "We have got our fingers crossed, but if things turn sour then there's no choice but to look for another club.
But add a few inches of rain, and 68 percent of Southland beaches turn sour with untreated runoff tainted with motor oil, animal waste, pesticides, yard detritus and garbage.
As an added safety feature, Oil Change creates back-up copies of the "before" files and makes it easy to undo any update that should turn sour.
But he had little impact and his night began to turn sour as early as the 11th minute when his accidental clash with Allison led to him being forced off for 10 minutes for stitches.
The investigative work includes a look not only at the upside of some athlete's foundations, but also how they can turn sour.
We watched the fairy tale turn sour and then watched her seek happiness.
The tragedy of Marc Vivien Foe's leg break is an illustration of how dream moves can turn sour.