turn tail

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org/wiki/Wolf_attacks_on_humans) occasionally attack people 6 especially if they're starving, habituated to humans, or rabid 6 but despite their fierce portrayal in fairy tales and Liam Neeson movies, wolves actually are more likely to turn tail if they see a person.
It is when the temptation to be greedy becomes near irresistible that we shall turn tail and swim away from equities and that should be a long way away yet.
Opener Everything Falls Into Place sounded a bit like The Fall's version of Victoria and Turn Tail was unexpectedly lovely.
Even so, tonight's highlights were undoubtedly the established refrain of the fantastic Turn Tail and resolute closing number The Decision.
SCIENTISTS have been studying the backsides of Bewick's swans as they turn tail for their breeding grounds, to learn more about why their numbers are falling.
The rationale for the failure of stock markets to turn tail the instant that interest rates begin to rise is that, more often than not, rising interest rates go hand-in-hand with a strong economy, not a weak one.
delusions, symbols may vanish, gods would turn tail and desert the
London, Jan 1 (ANI): US mobile phone giant AT and T became the latest sponsor to turn tail on Tiger Woods following allegations of multiple extra-marital affairs, which soiled the golfer's pristine image.
Not only did Bentick Hinton, known as Ben, 61, save her life but his actions caused the would-be robber to turn tail and run empty-handed from the bank.