turn to for support

See: resort
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Many smokers are planning New Year quit attempts, but research from the Department of Health suggests in some places, only around a quarter of smokers know where to turn to for support.
Here I was away from my family and by myself, not knowing where to go or who to turn to for support.
As a young wife with a jazz musician husband out on the road, she found herself home alone without friends to turn to for support.
Insiders say the end is nigh for the Spices - at least the others have their men to turn to for support.
Our vision is to be the resource salespeople turn to for support, skills, strategies, and for answers to their questions," said Linda Richardson, CEO of Richardson.
NarusLI is an effective solution for carriers with the staff, facilities and expertise to properly execute intercept orders, or for managed service providers to whom the carriers turn to for support.