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On the other hand, the opposition hopes for a second round turnabout in Kumanovo, a longtime left-wing stronghold where sitting mayor Zoran Damjanovski from SDSM is entering the second round race as a runner up.
Staff from Turnabout also made 13 reports about suspected child abuse or neglect to appropriate child welfare agencies.
The recall involves Arriva and Turnabout infant car seat/carrier models manufactured between March 1, 1995 and September 9, 1997.
IN an amazing turnabout, Walsall won the Jewson II North local derby, scoring 25 points without reply after Lichfield led 15-3 until the last minute of the first half.
But in a dramatic turnabout Zoe changes her mind and decides to keep the tot.
This turnabout victimized jurists and activists such as Alexander Goikhbarg, Aron Sol'ts, Evgenii Pashukanis, and Aleksei Kiselev who were purged in the 1930s after drafting libertarian family legislation or debating it in 1918, 1925 and 1926.
For Kolko, this turnabout represents a grotesque irony because such a system, in his view, might have been "attained, albeit under different rulers, had the Americans been allowed to run South Vietnam as they did other Asian `tigers' [Taiwan and South Korea, for example] .
In addition, the rapid turnabout time (TAT) of cardiac markers is likely to aid in reducing costs and improving treatment of patients admitted with chest pain.
Prior Information Notice: To complete turnabout and trolleybus turntable on the track
what kind of magic is it that can in 24 hours change the heads in Athens and Skopje for such a turnabout that will satisfy everyone, wonders Rizaov and adds that the two solutions for the name and negotiations with the EU are only possible on 1 April.
So, if turnabout is fair play, the Midsummer Night Music Festival is ARC's chance to invite the public into its house to say thanks.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, September 2003: Haddix (author of Turnabout, Just Ella, and Takeoffs and Landings) writes a thriller about a teenager living in a small town in the Midwest who is hypnotized by her friends as a party entertainment only to uncover odd facts about her past buried in her memory.