turned around

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5 hours and all I heard was this, from one individual sitting in front of me with her friend: "So I turned around and said, "what are you doing coming out of her house at 2am, and he turned around and said it was just a drink, and I turned around and said she is your ex, and he turned around and said, so, and I turned around and said your girlfriend is my mate, and he turned around and said, so, she doesn't need to know, then I turned around.
Of the 570 families identified as "troubled" in Middlesbrough, 532 were turned around, according to new figures released by the Department for Communities and Local Government.
am turned around first, which I was so happy about.
After the disagreement, the motorcyclist, who had been travelling in the opposite direction on an off-road dirt bike, turned around to follow the driver and pulled up beside him at traffic lights at the junction with the B8046.
In "Turning Around Schools in Need," we explore the history of such efforts and the different ways these schools can be turned around.
The NFL finally plucked one of its own as a head coach, but it wasn't the guy who turned around the program.
As I turned around, she tossed a tiny box of candy at me.
Campaign sound bite: I turned around more failing schools in four years than any other governor in America.
In my 35 years of being in this business we have never turned around a residence this quickly," said Herb Heflich, chairman and chief executive officer of Chelsea Senior Living.
Redknapp kept Portsmouth in the Premiership last season and knows just what needs to be done at Palace, though whether the ship can be turned around is another question.