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South African Ernie Els let rip with a drive down the 15th in the Scottish Open that turned heads - especially those of playing partners Lee Westwood and Colin Montgomerie.
STUNNING Sharon Corr turned heads yesterday as she arrived for in Manchester for a derby football match.
acclaimed there for his work on television, turned heads and gained acclaim for his incredible performance as lead character, Memnon, in the hit Universal movie, "The Scorpion King," which made over $90 million in the U.
At the cricket do in Mumbai, Shah pitched up looking cool but it was his showstopper missus that turned heads.
Reven Remo's 1952 lavender Chevy Deluxe turned heads.
7-litre V6 engine adapted from Maserati's quad cam, V8, and Citroens own hydraulic suspension system, the SM was a fast and comfortable car which turned heads with its futuristic styling.
But Heidi Carr's stunning rear view turned heads as well when she was unveiled as the tights firm's latest leggy beauty.
A full field will compete in the Pro-Am, headed by Hawaii's Carissa Moore, who turned heads last year when she was featured as the wildcard in the Roxy Pro Hawaii at the young age of 12.
Summary: Kate Moss turned heads at fashion's biggest night of the year, while Madonna got a thumbs down for her choice of outfit.
THIS Bambi lookalike turned heads at Edinburgh Zoo yesterday - those who could see his tiny 15cm frame, at least.
The sleek car's first public appearance turned heads as it cruised past the terminal at Liverpool airport.