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SANDIEGO, CA -- A festive and exuberant pillowfight by the Zero team last Friday turned sour when rider Sheldon Meleshinski was walloped in the head and lost his glass eye.
But by 1970, with a fridge in the kitchen and car in the garage, the dream had turned sour.
If it's been in the fridge for a few days, a quick sniff will let you know if the infusion has turned sour.
When things later turned sour, there were precious few answers from the cafes of Brooklyn and Washington, where Packer, a staff writer for The New Yorker, interviewed many of his subjects.
The festive season turned sour for Ken Cook when he was ordered to shut up his festive singing musical Santas and snowmen or risk a pounds 5,000 fine.
Staffers arrived to work Monday to find a door ajar, windows pried open and milk in the refrigerator turned sour because the refrigerator had been ransacked.
The couple leave behind four daughters - the ultimate losers in this tragic tale of Irish life turned sour.
However, the market turned sour over the remaining nine months, as volumes from traditional markets began to fall away.
It would have turned sour for the people who donated to this worthy appeal to find that they had been issued with a parking ticket and had to fork out another pounds 30.
Having arrived in the Sault with his wife from southern Ontario looking for a better quality of life, his four-month job search turned sour and he was preparing to pack his bags to head back.
The Cardiff crooner shot to fame through the Popstars search for a star programme but the dream turned sour and they split last autumn.