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Mr Rzeszowski is then said to have turned the knife on himself.
Rachael Slack and her 23-month-old son Auden were stabbed to death by her 44-year-old ex-partner before he turned the knife on himself.
That's what this elected representative did on Wednesday morning last - he turned the knife in the heart of the McCabe family.
The thief then turned the knife on Mr Williams and stabbed him once in the stomach before fleeing empty-handed.
She then turned the knife on herself, stabbing herself in the stomach twice.
He turned the knife on himself, prosecutor Michael Smith told the court, but caused no serious injury.
Young guns Jobi McAnuff and Lionel Morgan turned the knife in Rotherham with goals in the final seven minutes after Neil Shipperley had set the visitors on their way with a 36th minute opener.
A couple of brave saves by Paul Edwards averted further disaster until Darren Garner's splendid volley made it 3-0 midway through the half, and the Rotherham midfielder promptly turned the knife with his second just after the half-hour.
Ray Patterson tried to stop the horrific onslaught on his mother but his 25-year-old son then turned the knife on him.