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It is now used to build houses and fences, in carpentry, turnery, and in carvings, as well as for good firewood and excellent charcoal.
The Jesuits set up workshops in each reduction, providing the Indians training in various arts and crafts directly relating to community needs, such as carpentry (specializing in construction, furniture making, turnery, and the manufacture of musical instruments), ironwork, tanning and leather work, spinning and weaving, pottery and tile making, candle making, and the arts (sculpture and painting).
In addition to marquetry and paneling, it is also used for turnery, wood sculpture and carving.
In demand for a wide range of applications, alder is used for cabinetry, furniture, flooring, turnery, musical instruments and decorative veneer.
In the book World Woods, author William Lincoln describes pau marfim as a "compact, fine textured wood, excellent for turnery.
In 2008, approximately 700 youths received training in welding and turnery.
Birch is a bit softer, and is a popular choice for turnery items like rolling pins.
Rubberwood is used today in a wide range of wood products, including furniture, cabinetry, components, flooring, turnery, vases, stair treads, knife blocks, sofa legs, and more.