turning aside

See: obviation
References in classic literature ?
The three were walking along the gravel slowly, and Sir James, turning aside to whip a shrub, said he had heard something of that sort.
It was yet early, and the old man being still asleep, she walked out into the churchyard, brushing the dew from the long grass with her feet, and often turning aside into places where it grew longer than in others, that she might not tread upon the graves.
It was equally beautiful to watch the people, little clumps of red and blue and pink and white and saffron, turning aside to go to their own villages, dispersing and growing small by twos and threes across the level plain.
I walked along with Miss Murray, turning aside my face, and neglecting to notice several successive remarks, till she bawled out that I was either deaf or stupid; and then (having recovered my self-possession), as one awakened from a fit of abstraction, I suddenly looked up and asked what she had been saying.
But then Brazilian keeper Gomes produced a blinding late save to deny Steve Cook's overhead cracker that was bound for the top left corner, before turning aside Murray's late penalty leaving the Cherries wondering where two extra points had gone.
Turning aside efforts to join the American Alpine Club, the new group brought together some twenty-six persons interested in mountaineering.
Once again Buffon was the Juventus saviour, turning aside Suarez's fierce strike.
Robert Farmer, 48-48, pulled one back, but then goalie Ben Bowns took charge, turning aside everything the Panthers threw at him.
Aaron Dell got the shutout, turning aside 38 shots in a game in which the teams combined for 73 shots on goal.
And home keeper Nick Pope was kept busy during a bright display from Blues in the opening period, turning aside the lively Duffy's close-range effort as well as a goalbound free-kick from Stephen Gleeson.
Mowbray saw him and paused for a moment before turning aside to the mounting block.
During the proceedings, a petitioner Azhar Siddique Advocate told court that doctors are not turning aside from observing strikes despite court's orders.