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State Republican Tom Taylor, a Republican who was in the audience and reported the exchange to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, said that Clinton is running for president now, because when she was asked about the Osama bin Laden raid, Clinton without turning the knife too deeply put it to Biden, the report said.
Karachi:An unemployed man slaughtered two of his sons before turning the knife on himself in Kharian city of Punjab province.
He is accused of stabbing Thomas nine times while wrapped in a bath towel before turning the knife on Kyle, who survived the alleged attack.
He ran out in time to see his father stab his mother in the stomach again before turning the knife on himself.
Boss Derek McGrath said: "We thought it ath t (sending-off) was a harsh decision, without turning the knife into anybody.
A CRAZED mum tried to stab her 12-year-old daughter to death in a park before turning the knife on herself in a suicide bid, it was reported yesterday.