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TUTOR, civil law. A person who has been lawfully appointed to the care of the person and property of a minor.
     2. By the laws of Louisiana minors under the age of fourteen years, if males, and under the age of twelve years, if females, are both, as to their persons and their estates, placed under the authority of a tutor. Civ. Code, art. 263. Above that age, and until their, majority or emancipation, they are placed under the authority of a curator. Ibid.

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Dvorak (2001) examined qualitative measures of tutoring program success and found that the best tutors actively demonstrate a desire for facilitating their tutees' success by developing a rapport with their tutees by being sensitive and flexible to their needs.
Following a 3-s pause by the tutee, the tutor stated the word that the tutee did not pronounce.
In re-seeing her sisters and her tutees, she re-saw herself as well.
During peer tutoring, if the tutee provided the correct answer to a question, the tutor said, "Great job
A computer was used in tutee mode when students wrote small problem solving programs using BASIC or APL.
In the journal entry below, the deleterious results of not cultivating a personal relationship with a tutee are obvious.
Student tutor/parent tutor reads 3-5 pages for tutee for modeling purpose.
Also, each graduate student made relevant connections to prior knowledge and experiences with their tutees during tutoring as was evident on the vocabulary guidelines and their conclusive prioritizing in the elementary reading course.
A demographic sheet for each tutee was used to gather information on the tutee, tutors, and physical education teacher.
The immediate feedback that the individual tutee receives during the tutoring sessions also guides the student toward effectively using more strategies (Coleman & Bornholt, 2003; Hareli & Weiner, 2002; Wasik & Slavin, 1993).
A feature of the personal tutoring system was that all academic staff were allocated a number of tutees regardless of whether they taught the student in Year 1.
Once TPLO tutors have gathered information from all tests, they generate Individual Student Learning Plans for each tutee.