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If they get their way, Cairo's "men on horseback" will turn Egypt into a tutelary democracy under the constant threat of a military coup.
The last chapter, "Child Bondage in the Liberal Republic," describes the tutelary domestic servitude of poor children as a form of bondage that the author groups with other types of unfree labour, such as penal labour and debt peonage.
Not only are these men trapped in their solipsistic dreams, Tocqueville notes, they are completely dominated by the State, a fact they are oblivious of "Above this race of men stands an immense and tutelary power, which takes upon itself alone to secure their gratifications, and to watch over their fate.
They cover managing heterogeneity in Kazakhstan, Schevardnadze's political strategies, the limits of tutelary transition in Estonia, constitutional corporatism and polico-administrative relations in Slovenia, Czech politics in the context of the consequences of its party system, and breaking with post-communism in Poland.
Smith and Tocqueville both insist that tutelary dependence on the state must be avoided.
To be sure, Jackie made a cameo appearance in this exhibition, as did Andy, everybody's tutelary god; both were present in modest photo-based works printed on canvas--Andy and Jackie together again.
Here there is a pavement-like surface covered with adze manufacturing by-products that have been interpreted as offerings to the tutelary gods of adze manufacture wherever they are found in the quarry.
These factors have enabled Hazlitt to transcend his status as an historical subject and to serve as a kind of tutelary critical presence ill current speculations about the culture and public life of Romantic England.
Nearly two centuries ago, Alexis de Tocqueville warned against the growth of the centralising, paternalistic state, "an immense and tutelary power" that would ultimately spare its people "all the care of thinking and all the trouble of living".
Irrespective of the name of the tutelary authority, from the financial point of view, The Student Houses of Culture were and are dependent on the budgetary resourses allocated by the respective authority.
Chapter 3: The Enigmatic Pig: On Magar Participation in the State Rituals of Nepal traces the interesting narration of Thakuri kings in the Magar land from two angles; i) Whether Thakuris are Magars or have Rajput origins, and ii) The Thakuri tutelary goddess Alam Devi and the sacrifice of pig in this Thakruri temple by the Magar priest.
The market, meanwhile, has steadily undermined local loyalties and rendered small-scale solutions increasingly ineffective, thus ensuring our fealty to a tutelary state.