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Tutu led calls for punitive sanctions against South Africa, remaining one of the few strong voices inside the country while other activists were imprisoned or forced to operate abroad.
2011: Tutu begins a phased retirement from public life.
At other times, the tutu becomes an impenetrable shield through which you cannot see the floor.
The stolen jewels were accompanying King Otumfuo Osei Tutu II - in Oslo on a business trip - when the briefcase holding them was snatched in the lobby of the Blu Plaza Hotel on Wednesday.
At no point had Archbishop Tutu indicated his discomfort at speaking at the same conference as Prime Minister Blair and therefore his withdrawal was unexpected," said Hylton Kallner, Discovery's chief marketing officer.
It sees Tutu in a fictional story about the archbishop meeting a bigoted mass murderer called Piet Blomfeld, who claims to be seeking redemption.
Tutu, 79, announced last year that he will retire from public life sometime this year.
South African Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu, who became a global figure for using his church pulpit to help bring down apartheid, is retiring from public life.
Instead of growing old gracefully, at home with my family reading and writing and praying and thinking, too much of my time has been spent at airports and in hotels," Tutu said in a statement when he announced his retirement earlier this year.
AS the World Cup began in South Africa I interviewed Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who skipped and danced with delight outside his home in Soweto.
NOBEL Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu is to retire from public life later this year, he said yesterday.
Made for Goodness: And Why This Makes all the Difference, by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu.