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The tutu, however, sees its goal in life as presenting the appearance of a clean level equator, giving the illusion that the leg can rise miraculously to the heavens while the hips don't move at all.
One half of the Rodarte design duo, Laura Mulleavy said building a tutu was one of the lost couture arts.
Tutu freely admits to the struggles he's endured in striving towards freedom.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu won the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in leading non-violent opposition to South Africa's apartheid system of racial domination.
Six months later, between chemotherapy treatments and with Baize by her side, Allen ran the LA Marathon dressed as Wonder Woman in a Glam Runner tutu.
To help them stay stiff when they're not being worn," explains Holly Hynes, the designer who serves as consultant to NYCB's costume shop, "short tutus are hung upside down.
Pacific Northwest Ballet principal Patricia Barker has danced contemporary ballets in both skirts and tutus.
Other lots were the dancer's Christian Dior wedding outfit; the tutu and headdress, designed by Leslie Hurry, that she wore in Swan Lake; and photographs and memorabilia charting her prolific career and personal life.
The stage yielded to a series of free associations: a fox hunt, a garish family gathering, some women in upside-down tutus.
The only traditional ballet costume in the piece is featured in a scene in Act I when the royal family attends a ballet performance, complete with acrobats and ballerinas in tutus.
Featuring ballerinas in pink tutus surrounded by an orchestra of instruments, the square silk scarf retails for $265 and is available at Hermes boutiques.