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As the severity of an 18-month ban handed down to the Burnley midfielder was being debated, Twaddle claimed the FA were guilty of hypocrisy and double standards for allowing the game to become an advert for bookmakers.
It was steady at 12 cases a year until 2003, when it dropped to three," says Twaddle, who credits music for the results.
Any thought that crosses your mind can be posted on Twaddle before you have had time for second thoughts, or even to check whether what you are saying is either true or advisable.
North Shields Poly's Iain Twaddle was in close contact for the first kilometre but eventually lost contact well before the turn as Low Fell's Jon Archer, winner in 2005 and third in 2010, moved into second place.
Marc Twaddle had earlier given Falkirk the lead from close range after errors from keeper Graeme Smith.
Why can't all horses win as easily as he did, it's better for the ticker Cheltenham preview Looking forward to meeting Ruby Walsh and Davy Russell at Waterford on Thursday night provided, of course, I can get through a barrage of Guinness the day before What a load of twaddle Good word twaddle, probably my favourite one at the moment, and neatly sums up how everyone should feel about the ongoing John Terry saga.
THE Rugby councillor's twaddle about "Coventry" and "Warwickshire" was not only wholly inaccurate but also insulting (July 30).
MARC TWADDLE had already taken revenge on Rangers once for breaking his heart when they gave him the boot as a 16-year-old.
The Magpies entered the final 10 minutes trailing 3-1 but goals from Elaine Sedgwick and Julie Twaddle took the tie into extra time, with Sedgwick and Stacey Crooks then scoring the decisive penalties.
Squad: Will Twaddle, Joe Corker, Josh Enderwick, Ged Bramwell, Matty Carter, Carl Gray, Ryan Maltby, George Parkinson, Ben Sandie and Nathan Learman Taylor.