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rawalpindi -- Deputy Commissioner Talat Mehmood Gondal directed police and other departments to launch crackdown against kite sellers and flyers across the district to safeguard the lives of people becoming victims of stray twines.
While no name for the new cafe is given in the application, an illustration shows a sign saying "Ropes and Twines Coffee Roasting and Restaurant".
In a day, an inmate who is into coco coir twining can produce 70 to 80 twines that can give him P160.
LAHORE -- Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif sprang into action against manufacturers of prohibited kite twines after a 28-year-old man was killed by a stray kite string in Lahore.
Four violators were arrested and 15 kites with 15 twine packs, impounded; out of which 10 kites and 10 chemically laced twines were impounded from Waqas Nazir and Kashif from Chaklala Scheme No.
The largest group of climbing vines twines their stems around an object.
NOURISON debuts handmade area rugs in marble-colored shags in the Fantasia Collection, faux-leather pieces woven with twine in the Horizon Twines Collection and a new hooked Persian collection called Summit Point.
Cordage products, with minor variations, come in three basic constructions: braided cords and ropes, twisted ropes end plied twines.
Those little twines holding the bundles together made handling stock feed a breeze with only a pitchfork in hand.
Repeat this process until you have the number of twines in each strand that you desire.
Tenders are invited for Supply of jute twines - 3(three0ply with nicely twisted ply to form a compact bonding.
In many areas, the vigilant police parties seized thousands of kites and metallic twines, apprehending kite vendors as well.