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So there's no need to feel you're letting down the planet the next time you twist off a screw-cap.
The closures offer an alternative solution to traditional metal twist off versions for wide mouth jars, and demonstrate Silgan White Cap's capabilities in all types of closure manufacture - plastic, metal and composite - which enables the company to offer tailored solutions to particular pack or product requirements.
Also sought: Glass Bottles for Twist off cap, PET Bottles for tomato ketchup, Twist off caps for the Glass Bottles.
And once in the kitchen, if the butter is bitter, the chicken smells bad or the lid on that jar doesn't twist off with a satisfying pop, consumers need to speak up and demand better.
Just twist off the top, squeeze into a bottle of water, and enjoy Raspberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Blueberry and Tropical flavors drenched in various combinations of nutrients.
DON'T cut rhubarb - twist off whole stems as it is prone to disease and rotting.