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Milling machines are used by operators to power the Smart Cutter, Cyclone and Twister with one of Picote's three milling machine models:
Luxoft's Twister for OpenFlow framework gives vendors the ability to execute and control parallel testing scripts run on multiple platforms, which speeds up and standardizes the conformance and system testing phases of product development.
View the slideshow to see photos of McDonald's new curly fries, the Twister Fries.
Jerome Carty, aged 58, who works at the Job Centre in Cheylesmore, snapped the twister through a window as he sat at his desk.
Louise Wilson, director of Wagtail UK in Holywell, Flintshire, was inspired to train six-year-old Twister to help find the protected species after discovering dogs were being used in Portugal to advance knowledge on the impact of wind turbines.
STUNNED Mabel and Geoff AMAZING twister churns up waves off Antrim coast
It was thought Carson might ridicule the game killing it stone dead and on the May 3, 1966 version of the show when a Twister mat was laid out, the guest was glamorous Eva Gabor wearing a white, low-cut dress.
Six days later, nine twisters whirled through Iowa, followed on November 15 by a line of thunderstorms that spawned 35 tornadoes across five states.
One feature that sets the Toro Twister apart from the competition is the unrivaled suspension system.
The simulation mapped the area damaged by each tornado into the 80-km-square grid box where the twister first touched down.
In the northern part of this nation, twisters usually become more prevalent beginning this month and extending through mid-July.
The Twister Automatic production band saw from HEM Saw, Pryor, OK, combines the mitering capability of the company's popular Twister with an automatic barfeed feature for multiple indexing capability.