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Twisting arms to achieve the bare minimum number of votes would further politicize an issue that will require national acceptance for real carbon mitigation outcomes to be achieved.
Think of those wonderful photos of Lyndon Johnson towering over senators, twisting arms.
According to sources, if executed, the project would provide an effective tool to the toothless department for twisting arms of polluters.
But the evidence that it's not only the Americans who are twisting arms might help persuade some that it's worth giving the talks a chance.
But US interest in twisting arms seems to have waned since Cyprus found large amounts of natural gas beneath its waters and began working cooperatively with Israel, Washington's biggest regional ally, to tap the offshore wealth.
The Americans are worried that arms may fall into the wrong hands in Syria and have been twisting arms in Turkey as well as in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, limiting the flow of arms to the opposition lest al-Qaeda-type radicals exploit the situation.
Tom launched ShelterBox in1999 to fill that void and started researching the idea, sourcing equipment and twisting arms to get the project off the ground.
We understand the Democratic leadership of the House is busy twisting arms.