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Bloomberg news reported that Mikhail Mamiashvili, Russia's representative at FILA, "spent half the night" twisting arms on the governing board to get members to vote to oust Martinetti.
But US interest in twisting arms seems to have waned since Cyprus found large amounts of natural gas beneath its waters and began working cooperatively with Israel, Washington's biggest regional ally, to tap the offshore wealth.
The Americans are worried that arms may fall into the wrong hands in Syria and have been twisting arms in Turkey as well as in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, limiting the flow of arms to the opposition lest al-Qaeda-type radicals exploit the situation.
Tom launched ShelterBox in1999 to fill that void and started researching the idea, sourcing equipment and twisting arms to get the project off the ground.
Instead of twisting arms to get a deal that conserves whaling, the United States and other countries should be promoting 21st century conservation measures and working to end commercial whaling once and for all," added Ramage.
We understand the Democratic leadership of the House is busy twisting arms.
Understandably, President Obama would rather risk his re-election prospects on ambitious health reform and fixing the US economy than on twisting arms to recast the US role in the peace process.
But we hope that when the administration finally reveals its Darfur plan in the coming days or weeks, it will focus on ways to tighten the screws on Khartoum -- in particular by twisting arms at the Security Council to toughen international sanctions.