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Hopefully the tight and twisty nature which help us and we can bag some points to get back in the Championship fight.
Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch) seems to be a reoccurring presence on "American Horror Story" Season 7.
Hit a twisty mountain stretch and the motorcycle will feel rock solid in the corners.
I do not know why cyclists bother with expensive chains and padlocks - all they need is to attach the bike to some railings using toy packaging-grade twisty wire.
It's a viable motorway cruiser now, while bringing out the fun side of the Cross's handling on twisty roads, something that is never at the expense of a surprisingly comfortable ride.
It is the only asphalt event of the calendar and it is characterised for its fast roads on the first day and twisty sections on leg two.
DINE WITH A VIEW Drakes Beach Cafe is one of the most remote (and romantic) dinner spots in California--well worth the twisty 30-minute drive from Olema to the Pacific shore.
To find the Justistal Valley follow the twisty mountain road leaving the quaint village of Sigriswil (above LakeThun) and enjoy your journey past magnificent farmhouses, which are artistic masterpieces of carpentry.
Petersburg comes Iguan, a somewhat absurdist ensemble that mixes wiry, twisty movement and a literary bent with hilarious or confusing results.
The twisty plot will keep listeners riveted and surprised.
He was doing two of the things that mattered most--riding on twisty country roads, and trying to save the life of a cat.
When they're shaving a dog for the first time, the legs get twisty and the dogs turn when you don't expect it.