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It was twisty with a gallop to the last, which a lot were knocking down.
Ryan Murphy, creator of "American Horror Story," has said that Dandy will become Twisty the Clown's apprentice.
7 (-) Out Of Time (12A) Twisty thriller set in the Florida Keys.
Dr Turner says: "Gene therapy could introduce a haemoglobin mutant that formed less twisty individual strands and this 'good mutant' might turn fibres into less harmful crystals, rather than twisty coils.
The tight and twisty nature of this event will not suit the Peugeot as well as the sprint stages of Sweden last time, so he may not enjoy the domination of recent events.
But it's on the twisty stuff that pussy knows where to put her paws.
Make sure your route includes some motorway, twisty A-road and heavy traffic
In addition to its traditional hand-tossed pizza, Domino's has introduced Twisty Bread, salads, gourmet deep dish pizza, extra-crispy thin crust pizza, the Dominator, and submarine sandwiches throughout its 4,500 U.
The premiere episode of "American Horror Story-Freak Story" introduced some of the main characters of this season, including Elsa Mars, Bette and Dot Tattler, Jimmy Darling, Dandy Mott, Gloria Mott, Ethel Darling and Twisty the Clown.
He said: "Mondello is a very twisty, bumpy, technical circuit and it should suit our car.
Jeremy Pivnick lights the proceedings with appropriate finesse and - except for a sloppy costume and makeup job on an inspector who enters the proceedings in ``Sleuth's'' twisty second act - tweedy elegance.
Gronholm won two of the first four special stages but paid for having the wrong tyres in the final timed test along the tight and twisty Alpine roads, which were covered in snow and ice and he lost almost 30 seconds.