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The statue is a symbol and reminder of the Academy's Christian ethos, values and a tribute to the patron Saint Francis of Assisi TWIT TREAT: Mrs Twit, aka teacher Kerry Pennington, with pupils Olivia Oldfield, Jessica Owens, Cole Lloyd and Jack Critchlow GRJ270112S Purchase: www.
In this story, Mrs Twit is surprised and somewhat alarmed to find she is pregnant and demands to be taken to the hospital, describing her state as 'a very unusual thing'.
The children's story, which is told in the production, centres on Mr and Mrs Twit, who like nothing more than playing nasty tricks on each other - with giggle-inducing results.
The word, deriving from an Old Norse term for cut, can double for twit or be used to describe female genitalia.
Only redeemable against the free promotional The Twits audio CD as described in the Daily Record.
IT'S BETTER than Punch and Judy - it's Mr and Mrs Twit, the not so happily married couple, not past playing dastardly tricks on each other, be it with a glass eye or concocting 'orrible surprises like worm spaghetti.
The Twits production runs until Sunday and features a cast of 36 Playbox members.
Only one in the top 10, The Twits, has not been seen on TV or film.
The results, which come as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is released on the big screen, show that every book in the top five has been adapted for the cinema, and only one in the top ten, The Twits, have not been seen on TV or film.
For those not familiar with the plot, the Twits are a horrible couple who like nothing better than tormenting each other.
Vanguard has upcoming productions of Toad Trip with DreamWorks, Roald Dahl's The Twits, adapted by John Cleese for Disney, and three films with Nickelodeon/Paramount, Alien Pet, Ted and Gateway to the Gods.