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And now, to be defied and spurned, to be held up to her in the worst and most repulsive colours, to know that she was taught to hate and despise him: to feel that there was infection in his touch, and taint in his companionship--to know all this, and to know that the mover of it all was that same boyish poor relation who had twitted him in their very first interview, and openly bearded and braved him since, wrought his quiet and stealthy malignity to such a pitch, that there was scarcely anything he would not have hazarded to gratify it, if he could have seen his way to some immediate retaliation.
Cooky's sharpening his knife for Hump," was being whispered about among the sailors, and some of them twitted him about it.
Heard about strong earthquake in Afghanistan-Pakistan region whose tremors have been felt in parts of India, I pray for everyone's safety, Indian PM twitted.