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Stevens used feeding tubes to nourish the two-faced cat for three months, attempting to prevent Frank and Louie from choking on food going down two mouths.
The last work, Van Nouhuys' The Age of the Two-Faced Janus: The Comets of 1577 and 1618 and the Decline of the Aristotelian World View in the Netherlands, also concentrates on the subject of comets, but the focus is very different than that of Schechner Genuth.
It sounds like he's two-faced himself and, personally, I can't think of anything worse than being sent pictures of someone's genitals.
The truth is that he is a ruthless two-faced businessman.
There are clearly mixed messages coming out of the Whitehall spin machine which is in danger of becoming two-faced.
That hard edge in her voice is pure Joan Crawford: ruthless, acquisitive, two-faced.
Employing two-faced self-righteousness and a velvet-gloved dagger hand (gotta love how he decries the tawdry unreliability of Internet reporting loud enough to guarantee that everyone with a modem will hit a damning tabloid Web site), Runyon turns the confirmation hearings into a circus of sleazy innuendo.
The two-faced woman in Les Illustres Francaises"; Rene Demoris, "Parole de fe mme dans les Egarements du coeur et de l'esprit, de Crebillon fils"; Patricia Louette, "Quelques aspects de la singularite feminine chez Mme de Tencin: les coulisses de la vertu"; Martin Hall, "Re-writing La Princesse de Cleves: the Anecdotes de la cour et du regne d'Edouard II"; C.
You need to see the Web as a two-faced phenomenon," said Moshie Krasnanski, executive vice president for business development.
I am in Year Nine at school but for a couple of years I have noticed my friends acting two-faced around me, and it is beginning to really upset me.
It's typical of the Lib Dems - two-faced and completely hypocritical.
The kitten was delivered by veterinarian George Huber and nurse Louisa Burgess, who said that she had never seen a two-faced cat in her 12-year career.