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Scientists point to a protein that has earned the nickname "Sonic Hedgehog homolog," SHH, as a cause for the rare two-faced condition.
Mills said: "Massimo said Steve McClaren was two-faced and I can't disagree with that.
Two-faced girls act all nice to you but then rag on you the minute you turn your back.
He exposes Betjeman's two-faced behaviour, and suggests that his championing of Comper was not entirely helpful to the great man's reputation.
More successful is the two-faced vertical "portrait" painting Janus, 2005, in which a stylized desert plant rendered in creamy yellow, pink, and acid green also reveals itself as a brushy gestural head contained by a thick, cartoonish black outline; the ambiguous gender of the featureless head mirrors the playful disruption of genre expectations engendered by conflating portrait and landscape.
Henni tries to tolerate Tara, but just can't get over how two-faced she seems.
A powerful parable of the importance of individual rights and decision-making, and a sharp denouncement of the savagery of American war crimes and two-faced justification of intolerable humanitarian outrages during the Vietnam occupation, God Go With Them ultimately champions the human spirit in its willingness to to take a stand based on what is right, in spite of the scorn of one's brethren.
There is a whole other movie waiting to be made about the character who is the secretly gay athlete, but the two-faced lifestyle of a straight Indian-British girl who'd rather be scoring goals than frying samosas reminds us that closets come in all shapes and sizes.
The Age of the Two-Faced Janus: The Comets of 1577 and 1618 and the Decline of the Aristotelian World View in the Netherlands (Brill's Studies in Intellectual History, 89) Leiden: Brill, 1998.
back to their living in the u "The reaso have becom British po Miliband Labour lea Commo Bercow re Gove as th in Parlia with "su " Commons Speaker John Bercow recently singled out Mr Gove as the most two-faced MPin Parliament, able to issue withering insults after "superficial praise".
She said another common one was the toxic type who act as friends but are two-faced.