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the only firm marketing Type A botulinum toxin in the United States, is currently seeking FDA consent to use the protein against other neuromuscular illnesses.
Researchers using Type A toxin to treat patients with constricted vocal cords have achieved "quite remarkable success" in restoring vocal fluency, says Audrey L.
Except in certain cases of eye misalignment, Type A botulinum toxin provides only temporary symptomatic relief "and does not address the disturbance in the central nervous system [underlying these disorders]," Duvoisin says.
In this sense, many physicians develop coping habits that lead to a negative emotional contagion: As their Type A behavior pattern and its destructive interpersonal sequelae fill work and home settings, their negative emotions spread, creating problems that they are then forced to deal with.
He particularly cautious about the relationship effects of the various Type A factors outlined in Table 2.