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From atop Palomar Mountain in Southern California, where it is mounted on the 48-inch Samuel Oschin Telescope, the project's fully automated camera optically surveys roughly 1000 square degrees of sky per night (approximately 1/20th of the visible sky above the horizon), looking for transients--objects, including Type Ia supernovae, whose brightness changes over timescales that range from hours to days.
Whilst the unfiltered MicroObservatory observations preclude determination of the colour evolution of the event, the photometry follows the general form of a typical Type Ia SN lightcurve.
Araoka T, Takeoka H, Abe H, Kishi S, Araki M, Nishioka K, Ikeda M, Mazaki T Ikemura S, Kondo M, Hoshina A, Nagai K, Mima A, Murakami T Mimura R, Oka K, Saito T Doi T Early diagnosis and treatment may prevent the development of complications in an adult patient with glycogen storage disease type Ia.
These findings are consistent with a Palmini et al (9) type IA focal cortical dysplasia.
It sounds as if your daughter has Type IA based on the symptoms you mentioned and the lack of certain other symptoms, such as skin color abnormalities, seizures, and microcephaly, among others.
A Type II (commercial) ladder is rated to 225 pounds, Type I (industrial) to 250 pounds, Type IA (heavy-duty industrial) to 300 pounds.
The information included on the authorisation certificate issued at the end of a procedure for European Marketing Authorisation variations & National Type IA variations, and all other application types is currently inconsistent.
21 explosion, a Type Ia supernova, allowed scientists to rule out one possible cause.
Astronomers have been searching for decades for the star systems that produce Type Ia supernova explosions," said scientist Saurabh Jha of Rutgers University in Piscataway, New Jersey.
The proximity of SN2014J allowed the iPTF team to study this important class of stellar explosions, known as Type Ia supernovae, over a very wide wavelength range, starting just hours after the deduced explosion time.
L]) and redshift (Z) measurements of type Ia supernovae (SNeIa) according to the general relativity (GR), which derives the Friedmann equation (FE) with the FriedmannLemaitre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) metric of the 4D spacetime (Figure 1).
A type Ia supernova occurs in a binary star system as the larger white dwarf star pulls in so much matter from its companion star that it causes uncontrollable nuclear fusion and the eventual death of the star.